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  • BLEPHADEX WIPES (30 Wipes)


    Blephadex wipes – the next generation of daily face and eyelid care. It’s an all-natural, eyelid, eyelash and facial cleaner that helps to relieve the symptoms of dry, itchy eyes, Blepharitis, Rosacea, and Demodex Mites without the burning and stinging of other brands.

    The two most common causes of anterior blepharitis are bacteria (Staphylococcus) and scalp dandruff. Posterior blepharitis affects the inner eyelid (the moist part that makes contact with the eye) and is caused by problems with the oil (meibomian) glands in this part of the eyelid. Blephadex wipes are designed to help with both!


    • All natural skin cleanser
    • Deep cleaning without stinging
    • Facial Cleanser and Eyelid/Eyelash Cleanser
    • Blephadex helps with dry eye before it starts
    • Tea tree oil for cleansing and coconut oil for soothing relief
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