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  • Hyabak Eye Drops 10ml


    Hyabak preservative free eye drops are recommended for the treatment of dry eyes. It features 4-fold protection: free of preservatives, osmotically balanced, permanently moisturizes, and protects against UVB.

    It can be used with any sort of contact lenses. It is preservative free due to its unique ABAK® container; a complex filtering system which ensures the sterility of the solution for 3 months from opening. ABAK® container provides leakage-free and consistent dripping. Uniformly sized drops are dispensed by the container during every use.

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    Long-lasting relief for fewer daily applications
    HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ contains a highly viscous formulation of high-quality Sodium Hyaluronate and Ectoine, which provides the ocular surface with intensive, soothing, and long-lasting moisturization.

    Why is viscosity important?
    The higher the viscosity, the longer it stays on the ocular surface – This means long-lasting relief, fewer daily applications needed and lower total cost of treatment.

    HYLO DUAL INTENSE™ eye drops contain Ectoine, which has a stabilizing effect on the lipid phase of the tear film. It increases its elasticity, causes it to spread evenly over the eye surface, and protects against the excessive evaporation of tears.

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