Théa is an independent pharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development and commercialization of eye-care products. Théa was set up twenty five years ago and has played an important role in the latest pharmacological advances. Today, it is the leading independent eye care group in Europe.

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    Blephaclean is a uniquely formulated eyelid and eyelash wipe containing:

    • Micelles to dissolve epithelial residue, sebum and conjunctival secretions
    • Centella Asiatica extract to enhance the healing and regeneration of tissue
    • Iris Florentina root extract to enhance the healing and regeneration of tissue
    • Sodium Hyaluronate to hydrate and condition skin
    • Now in a 30 pack!
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  • BLEPHAGEL Duo 30g


    Blephagel Duo® is the same 30mg tube of sterile and preservative-free gel for daily hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes, now with 100 wipes for application.

    – Dissolves and removes crusts and secretions and maintains eyelid hydration
    – Hypoallergenic & Sterile

    Size: 30mg tube plus 100 wipes

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  • Hyabak Eye Drops 10ml


    Hyabak preservative free eye drops are recommended for the treatment of dry eyes. It features 4-fold protection: free of preservatives, osmotically balanced, permanently moisturizes, and protects against UVB.

    It can be used with any sort of contact lenses. It is preservative free due to its unique ABAK® container; a complex filtering system which ensures the sterility of the solution for 3 months from opening. ABAK® container provides leakage-free and consistent dripping. Uniformly sized drops are dispensed by the container during every use.

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  • Thealoz Duo 10ml


    Thealoz Duo eye drops are premium quality, professional grade artificial tears are recommended by our Optometrists to help treat both aqeous deficient and lipid deficient dry eye. They also have natural anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce itchiness and burning without the side effects of traditional anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical such as steroids which may cause unwanted side effects.

    Thealoz Duo Artificial tears contain trehalose 3% and sodium hyaluronate 0.15% in a preservative-free formulation

    Trehalose protects the epithelial cells on the ocular surface, improving their resistance to daily stress of dry environments and tear film changes in a dry eye; it has very high water retention capabilities with both bioprotection and osmoprotection properties.

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